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Sorry for the very late posting.
We are indeed meeting tomorrow at the usual time and place.

10:00am – 12:30pm

Christ Church Griffith Park,
Atwater Village
3852 Edenhurst
Los Angeles, CA

With moving and illness, we haven’t put a song list together, so…
Our set will be made by you.
Free Pick Saturday, join us in choosing your own adventure!

See you you then,


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We hope you all a fantastic Easter/Passover holiday.

Here’s what’s on tap for Saturday, April 14th:

9:30 am – Tooch is ready to assist anyone.

10:00 am – First Set

  • Cindy- Pg. 55
  • This Train – Pg. 236
  • Easy quick pick!
  • Jambalaya – Pg. 140
  • I Walk The Line – Pg. 138
  • King Of The Road – Pg. 143
  • I Feel Fine – Pg. 118

10:50 am – Break Time

11:10 am – Second Set

  • Fields Of Gold – Pg. 80
  • Ja-Da – Pg. 138
  • Hello, Dolly! – Pg. 105
  • A not so easy quick pick!
  • How Sweet It Is – Pg. 114
  • I Left My Heart In San Francisco – Pg. 120
  • Longing To Belong
  • Blues Jam – maybe in Bb
  • Chords – Bb7, Eb9, F7(F9)
  • Go over “rhythm changes”

12:00 pm – Performance Time
This is really getting good.
Please play something for us, thank you.

See you bright and early.

Leaving you with a little something from Andrew and some other fun things.

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Remember, no meeting on the 7th.
We’ll see you on April 14th!

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