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Meeting April 8th

Hello to all the Pluckin’ Strummers out there. Please come join us for a special meeting. 


Special how?

Well, 2ch won’t be here! 


You know, Tooch. 


Brett Santucci.      

Me! Lol!

While the cats away the mice will play, ukulele!

I’ll be away visiting family and welcoming my granddaughter Teagen into this world. 

Thank you very much to Gene for helping out. Go easy on him! 

Have fun and play a little song for “Grandpa 2ch”.  
9:00 – Early Lession Session 

For the last few meetings we have been starting at 9am for those that want to participate in a group lesson. I of course won’t be there this meeting but if you have questions please ask Gene and everyone can help to find an answer together. If stumped, text me and I’ll google it! Lol! Help each other out.

9:45 – Set Up Time

Get yourself situated. Tuned up and materials readied. Just before we begin we’ll discuss scheduling the second half.

10:00 – Round One

Book One – Yellow      

Drunken Sailor – Pg. 71

Hard Days Night – Pg. 100

Hound Dog – Pg. 111

King of the Road – Pg. 143

Love Me Tender – Pg. 154

Me & Bobby McGee – Pg. 158

On Broadway – Pg. 181

Ring of Fire – Pg. 197

Stand By Me – Pg. 219

Under The Boardwalk – Pg. 245

Yes Sir, Thats My Baby – Pg. 278

Your Cheatin’ Heart – Pg. 281


11:00 – Break Time


11:15 – Guest Teachers
Gene writes;

So far Susanna and Cory have shown interest in teaching songs or lessons but it will be open to any member who wants to come up and lead the group. I just would like anyone who wants time in the second half to come early (between 9 and 10) so we can work out how much time each person will need and schedule the time accordingly. They should also bring enough copies of any material they will use to share with the group.

12:00 – Performance Time

This is your time to shine. Play us a tune. You won’t regret it.

12:25 – We must have exited the church by now as there’s another function beginning at 12:30. Please be courteous, thank you. 




Regular Meeting Location:

Christ Church Griffith Park,

Atwater Village

3852 Edenhurst Ave. 

Los Angeles, CA 90039-1642 


We ask that all able bodied individuals park on the street as the church’s parking lot is reserved for those who have trouble walking, etc. Thank you so much for your consideration of others.




Contact Information;


Club Email –



Club Blog Site –



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