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Saturday is Earth Day! How does that relate to playing ukulele? I dunno! Lol!Here it is Easter, the Sunday before our next meeting and I’m still in VA. Beach awaiting the birth of my granddaughter. Tomorrow or Tuesday will be the the day Teagan will be here. 

Back to the Pluckin’ Strummers! 

Big shout out to Gene and Lars for helping out at last meeting during my absence. Thank you gentlemen. 

9:00 – Early Lesson Session

Those interested in a group lesson before we begin please bring your questions and any materials needed.

9:45 – Setup Time

Get situated. Music readied, ukuleles tuned, sign in, get your music copies for the second half, schedule announcements, and ask questions. 

10:00 – Round One

Book 2 – The Blue One

Warm up – Quick Lesson Session

Rockin’ Robin – Pg. 291

Book Of Love – Pg. 45

Singing the Blues – Pg. 306

Do You Believe In Magic – Pg. 86

Easy Quickpick 

Peaceful Easy Feeling – Pg. 278

Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright – Pg. 96

Blue Bayou – Pg. 42

The Way You Do The Things You Do – Pg. 378

Quickpick – Time Permitting

10:50’ish – Break Time

11:10’ish – Round 2

There will be an awesome selection of our arrangements available at the meeting. 

12:00 – Performance Time

12:25 – We must have exited the church by now. There is another function begining promptly at 12:30. Thank you for your consideration.



Regular Meeting Location:

Christ Church Griffith Park,

Atwater Village

3852 Edenhurst Ave. 

Los Angeles, CA 90039-1642 


We ask that all able bodied individuals park on the street as the church’s parking lot is reserved for those who have trouble walking, etc. Thank you so much for your consideration of others.




Contact Information;


Club Email –



Club Blog Site –



Facebook –



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