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Thanks to all you Pluckin’ Strummers who joined in today. We had a blast!

For members who were not able to make this meeting, there are still a few shirts left. After they’re gone, if you would like to purchase additional shirts for you and those you love, click here: Pluckin’ Strummers Shirts n’ Stuff.

Ok, who regifted? Good thing Apple Blossom is coming together.

See you in two weeks (Aug 27th)!


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Club Books

Club Books:

The Daily Ukulele – A Jumpin’ Jim Ukulele Songbook by Jim Beloff
(To be our club book as we get established – get it!)

Treasury of Ukulele Chords by Roy Sakuma
(A great chord reference book)


Hal Leonard Ukulele Method Books 1 & 2 by Lil’ Rev
(Required for beginners with no previous stringed instrument experience)

All of the above books are available online at a variety of book sellers. We will check to see if any of the local music stores are carrying them as well.

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