See y’all Saturday for some down home Country tunes. Y’all drive carful now, here! Yee haw!

9:30 – Setup and questin time. Beginners need help!
Intermediate players looking to step it up a little?Seasoned players can help us all learn something new!
Announcements? Show and tell? Please feel free to bring a snack to share. Thanks everyone. Y’all a bunch of Pluckin’ Strummers!

10:00 – Book One – Giddy up!

  • Buffalo Gals – Pg. 40
  • Jambalaya – Pg. 140
  • Last Train To Clarksville – Pg. 144
  • Country Quick Pick
  • Cindy – Pg. 55
  • Careless Love – Pg. 49
  • Bye Bye Love – Pg. 41
  • Hey, Good Lookin’ – Pg. 108
  • My Old Kentucky Home – Pg. 171
  • Dixie Land – Pg. 65
  • On The Road Again – Pg. 182

11:00′ish – Break Time
Tie up your horse to the hitchin’ post and get cha a cup o’ joe!

11:15′ish – More Country!

  • Jackson – Pg. 139
  • Ring Of Fire – Pg. 197
  • Folsom Prison Blues – Pg. 83
  • These Boots Are Made For Walkin’ – Pg. 232
  • Country Quick Pick
  • This Train – Pg. 236
  • Your Cheatin’ Heart – 281
  • Five Hundred Miles
  • Hang Me
  • Fair Thee Well

12:00 – Performance Time

A video from our very own, Ronnie Butler!

9:30 – Setup and questions answered. Show and tell. Beginners bring materials and questions. Song suggestions welcome. Event announcements. General ukulele banter.

10:00 – Round One/Book One
Twelve songs for our first half when we usually only get through eight. So be ready to go fast.

  • Hound Dog – Pg. 111
  • Aloha ‘Oe – Pg. 21
  • Amazing Grace – Pg. 21
  • Love Me Tender – Pg. 154
  • Down By The Riverside – Pg. 67
  • Blue Hawaii- Pg. 37
  • Don’t Be Cruel – Pg. 66
  • Are You Lonesome Tonight? – Pg. 13
  • Can’t Help Falling In Love – Pg. 51
  • Let It Be Me – Pg. 147
  • Blue Christmas – Pg. 297
  • Danny Boy – Pg. 59

11:00 – Break Time

11:15′ish – Round 2
Lesson Time? You Pick!
Quick Pick Arrangements.
I’m going to give it my best effort to get some new arrangements completed.

  • Orphan Girl by Gillian Welch
  • Let’s Stay Together by Al Green
  • Something From Nothing by the Foo Fighters – (at least the intro and 1st verse)

12:30 – Performance Time!

October 25

Our last meeting was a blast. We had a great turnout and a few new faces. The female voices present were sublime! Thank you ladies! Good job to the guys too!

This meetings songs are filled with some favorites from book 2. This meeting should, no, WILL, be one to remember! The more the merrier! I’m hoping I’ll have some time before our next meeting to complete some new material. I’ll do my best! Please remember that we welcome material suggestions. Something old, something new? Something bold, something blue(s)! Lol!

9:30 – Setup and general ukulele talk.
Show and tell. Beginners special attention. Announcements? Questions? Suggestions?

10:00 – Round One – Book 2

  • Kansas City – Pg. 202
  • Down On The Corner – Pg. 101
  • Dream Baby – Pg. 102
  • You Got It – Pg. 404
  • Born To Be Wild – Pg. 49
  • The Dock Of The Bay – Pg. 90
  • Quick Pick – Pg. ?
  • Don’t Worry Baby – Pg. 93
  • Honey Pie – Pg. 146

11:50′ish – Break Time

12:10′ish – Round 2 – Arrangements

  • Orphan Girl – New!
  • Let’s Stay Together – New!
  • Hang On Little Tomato
  • No Woman No Cry
  • Apple Blossom
  • Lonestar
  • We Are Going To Be Friends
  • Trouble

12:00 – Performance Time

Oct 11th

Here we are in October. Although you can’t tell by the temperature because It still feels like August. Hot or not we never miss a meeting. See you Saturday!

9:30 – Setup time along with ukulele talk. Questions welcome. Material suggestions welcome. Veteran Pluckin’ Strummers and new-comers welcome. Snacks for break time welcome. Alisa and I are here to help – You’re welcome! Lol!

10:00 – Book 2 – The “Y’s” have it! And away we go!

    •You Didn’t Have To Be So Nice – Pg. 402
    •You’re Sixteen – Pg. 408
    •You Can’t Hurry Love – Pg. 400
    •Your Mama Don’t Dance – Pg. 410
    •Young At Heart – Pg. 409
    •You Won’t See Me – Pg. 406
    •You Got It – Pg. 404
    •Your Mother Should Know – Pg. 412

11:50′ish – Break Time

12:05 – Round 2, Arrangements

    •Orphan Girl – New!
    •Let’s Stay Together – New!
    •Longing To Belong
    •Five Hundred Miles
    •We Are Going To Be Friends
    •Fare Thee Well
    •Hang Me

12:00 – Performance Time – Time To Shine!

September 27

Here’s the schedule for September 27th.

9:30 – Setup, questions, and jam a little.

10:00 – Book 2

  • Take Me Home, Country Roads – Pg. 340
  • Black Magic Woman – “Key of Dm” – (Dm,Am,Gm,A7) Pg. 41
  • As Tears Go By – Pg. 24
  • Blue Moon Of Kentucky – Pg. 35
  • Have You Ever Seen The Rain – Pg. 138
  • You Got It – Pg. 404
  • White Rabbit – Pg. 390
  • Quick Pick
  • And I Love Her – Pg. 24

– Break Time!

11:10′ish – Round Two

  • Over The Rainbow / What A Wonderful World
  • Hang On Little Tomato
  • Apple Blossom
  • Proud Mary
  • Love Her Madly
  • Time – Pink Floyd Tab
  • We Are Going To Be Friends

12:00′ish – Performance Time

September 13

Let’s try this again. We didn’t have many show up for our last meeting but thanks to those that came. People must have been busy. Not to worry though because we will not miss a meeting. We are two months away from our unofficial four year anniversary which we will celebrate in January. Any suggestions for our celebration?

The very first possibly bi-annual “Great Ukulele Campout 2014″, brought to you by the Honolulu Ave. Strummers and The Pluckin’ Strummers went off without a hitch. Thanks to Bambi and Ben for everything. There was lots of pluckin’ and a strummin’ in the Pinos Mountains last weekend. Keep an ear out for our next camping/ ukulele event which is already being planned. Want to help out? Contact 2ch, Alisa, or Bambi. Thanks to all that participated!

9:30 – Setup and all the wonder that goes along with it.
We officially start at 10:00 a.m. but come a little early and get some questions answered or maybe rehearse for your amazing performance at the end of our meeting.
Please park on the street around the church unless it’s necessary to be close. Bring a snack to share at break time if you like.

10:00 – One one thousand, two one thousand, three one thousand, Uke!

Book 1

  • Easy Quick Pick
  • Another easy Quick Pick
  • One more easy Quick Pick
  • Okay, another easy Quick pick
  • Lesson Time – You Pick Topic!
  • How about a moderately easy Quick Pick?
  • What do you say? Quick Pick?

Book 2

  • Now we’ll do a slightly harder Quick Pick!
  • Last but not least! You guessed it… a Quick Pick!!!

– Break Time!

11:10′ish – Round Two

  • Same as last week. This time we’ll be ready!
  • Over The Rainbow / What A Wonderful World
  • Hang On Little Tomato
  • Longing To Belong
  • Apple Blossom
  • Proud Mary
  • Falling Slowly
  • Time – Pink Floyd Tab
  • We Are Going To Be Friends

12:00 – Performance Time

Regular Meeting Location:
Christ Church Griffith Park,
Atwater Village
3852 Edenhurst Ave
Los Angeles, CA

We ask that all able bodied individuals park on the street as the church’s parking lot is reserved for those who have trouble walking, etc. Thank you so much for your consideration of others.

It was one of those funny months with 5 Saturdays. So we meet at the church on September 13th – song list to follow at a later date.

Until then, don’t forget our upcoming First Annual or possibly Bi-Annual event…

“The Great Ukulele Camp Out – 2014″
Sept. 5th, 6th, & 7th.

More info here:


How To Register: Please email TAVITIA@aol.com with the subject Great Ukulele Camp Out and include the following:
Names of campers in your party
Which night(s)
If they plan to partake in the workshops.
If you have first time players who would like a beginning workshop, please indicate that.

Hope to see you all there!


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